msl Firecheck - For Fabrics / Paper

msl Firecheck - The Flame Retardant Spray

msl Firecheck Flame Retardant Spray for Fabrics and Paper

Protect your fabrics and paper from fire with our Firecheck flame retardant spray. It’s designed for use on artwork and in any location where open flames are often near fabrics. This makes it especially suitable for theatres – protecting drapes, costumes, scenery, etc. – and for high-end restaurants which place candles at tables or serve tableside flambés.

This spray treats the surface of the fabric or paper. When heat is applied, the treated surface forms an inert, carbonised shield – reflecting heat away and preventing the gasses which support and fuel combustion from escaping. The result is a surface which is radically more resistant to fire.

Firecheck Protection

Firecheck is available in four different options, from a simple spray bottle through to a 25 litre drum. If you’re uncertain which option is most suitable for your location, please contact us for expert advice.