What Can MSL Firecheck be Used On?

Our tests have shown Firecheck can effectively limit fire damage and spread on many natural and synthetic materials; any item that can absorb it can be treated with it.

This includes fire retardation for:

  • Cardboard
  • Polystyrene
  • Hessian
  • Foam Rubber
  • Etc…

Does MSL Firecheck Meet British Standards?

MSL Firecheck has been tested by an independent laboratory. It was awarded a pass for the following standards:

  • BS 5852: 1990 for both natural and synthetic fibres.
  • BS 5867: part 2: 1980 on both natural and synthetic fibres.

Natural fibres include cotton, wool, and cotton backed draylon. Synthetic fibres include nylon and mixed fibres, including cotton/polyester blends.

The test results are available through our menu or here.

Are Standards Certificates Available?

Our test results section has all the copies of lab reports you may need for your records.

How Can I Order MSL Firecheck? How Much Does It Cost?

For prices and to order directly, please check here.

We also maintain a list of stockists.

How Does It Work?

Once Firecheck is absorbed into the material it forms an invisible barrier layer. This layer forms a carbonised shield under heat, deflecting a lot of the heat and making it harder for the treated material to catch.

Can I Treat Any Fabric with It?

Unfortunately, Firecheck cannot treat rip stop nylon. However, it can treat most naturel and synthetic fabrics.

As new fabrics are being developed, we advise that you test a small sample or inconspicuous area of these new fabrics before applying a full treatment.

Firecheck can be used to treat scenic flats for the stage before painting. Alternatively, if you’re using powder or concentrated scenic paints, consider diluting them with Firecheck instead of with water.

Does MSL Firecheck Work on Wood?

To treat wood, we recommend MSL Timbercheck.

What Can’t It Treat?

Waxed cardboard, plastics, waterproofed fabrics, and painted or varnished services will not absorb MSL Firecheck and so the process does not work. We are familiar with several products which may solve your problem – please contact us for advice.

How Much is Needed?

Firecheck is an economical fluid. 1 litre will cover between 10 to 12 square metres. It is supplied ready for use and should not be diluted.

How Do I Apply the Treatment?

Make sure the article to be treated is clean and dry. We recommend using Firecheck in a well-ventilated area. Apply a fine mist of MSL Firecheck to all exposed surfaces. You do not need to soak the item. Firecheck is colourless and odourless. Once the treated article is dried it is virtually unnoticeable and ready for immediate use.

You can print an instruction sheet here.

Do You Have a COSSH Safety Sheet?

Our COSSH Safety Sheet is available here.

Does Firecheck Need to be Reapplied?

Firecheck will last naturally for the useful life of the treated article. However, if it is subjected to heavy use, including scrapes or other damage, or if it comes into contact with water, we recommend a further application.

Can I Store Leftover Firecheck for the Future?

Yes. Firecheck has a shelf life of several years. Store it upright and at temperatures of above zero. Shake gently if your Firecheck has not been used in six months.